Shea MMA pic Shea MMA pic

Sporting his OG American Boxing shirt in blue, Shea Ealey pictured with the 1st Marine Corps All Submission Team Immediately following the Tournaments end.

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Shea Ealey

Muay Thai University Brown Belt | American Boxing Certified Muay Thai and MMA Sports Conditioning Specialist

A high school wrestler, Shea was born and raised in Sparta Wisconsin. After High School, Shea joined the Marine Corps where he served with respect and honor for just over 6 years.

In 2006 Shea began training Muay Thai and No-Gi Jiu Jitsu aka Grappling and Submission Wrestling with Coach Dave Nielsen at American Boxing in Pacific Beach San Diego.

In less than a year Shea had amassed a 6-0 Grappling Record (at the Blue Belt Level) and a 2-0 Muay Thai record. Sheas dedication, humility and commitment to be the best is why within 3 years Shea handed out many current fighters their ONLY LOSSES…to this day!

Shea was part of the very FIRST Marine Corps All Submission Team earning his way to the top 155lb spot by defeating all comers at the Area 33 tryouts at Camp Pendleton. While still with Team American Boxing, Shea, with Coach Dave's permission joined and represented the Marine Corps on the All Submission Team winning numerous matches for the Marine Corps Team.

Sheas ability to absorb and execute information along with his patient teaching style and always positive attitude is why he is one of the TOP Muay Thai MMA and Submission Wrestling Instructors in San Diego and beyond!


  • Pan American Grappling Gold Medal
  • California State Submission Wrestling Championships Bronze Medal
  • 14-2 Grappling Record
  • 3-0 Amateur MMA/Pankration Record
  • 7-1-2 Muay Thai Record
  • Part of the 1st Marine Corps All Submission Team