San Diego Muay Thai Kickboxer Gina Reyes from Fight Girls Reality Show. San Diego Personal Trainer Gina Reyes Gina Reyes San Diego Muay Thai Boxer fight winning photo Gina Reyes Muay Thai fighter from SAn Diego California fights for IKF World Title with 3 days notice! Gina Reyes Muay Thai fighter with Master Toddy Gina Reyes training with Saekson Janjira and many of the Worlds BEST Thai Boxing teachers. Kru Gina Reyes preparing and working the corner for Irene Estrada's first k-1 rules kickboxing match. Coach Gina holding muay thai mitts for kids mixed martial arts class. Gina Reyes personal trainer holds weights while pregnant. San Diego Personal Trainer Gina Reyes trains pre natal and post natal kettlebells with pregnant women. Coach Gina holds mitts for kids boxing class while pregnant. San Diego kickboxer Gina Reyes holds her new baby girl at the gym. Coach Gina Reyes wraps Coach Dave Nielsen's hands pre fight for WCK World Championship Muay Thai at Hollywood Park Casino. Gina Reyes San Diego Muay Thai Fight Team Logo. Free Boxing and MMA Classes in San Diego


Master Level Fitness Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Muay Thai Fighter/Instructor and Post Natal Fitness Professional in Pacific Beach San Diego

About Gina

A Master Fitness Trainer with more than 10 active years training clients, Gina is legitimately a master level personal trainer. Having worked with thousands of athletes and fitness seekers in her decade of coaching and instruction, Gina’s clients have included: Pre and Post Natal Women, Professional Fighters, Special Needs Clients, Weight Loss Clients and even a Super Bowl Champion!

Gina and her Clients have been featured on the Oxygen Channel, Oprah Winfrey and How to Look Good Naked. Gina is the ONLY PERSONAL TRAINER in San Diego with a combined resume to include Stott Pilates, 10+ Years as a Professional Personal Trainer, World Class Muay Thai Kickboxing, Pre and Post Natal Fitness experience and much more!

Gina’s Workout and Training Philosophy

“Train smarter not harder! Slow and steady will win the race 99% of times, however sometimes you have to work your butt off! Diversity keeps your workouts fun!”

To talk to Gina and discuss your personal goals and her training programs, feel free to call her from 10 am – 5 pm at 858-581-2694.


  • NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
  • BOSU Certified
  • STRETCH Flexibility Certified
  • APEX Certified Trainer and Supplement Counselor
  • POWER FLEX Weight Training Certified
  • NASM Certified Youth Training Specialist


  • 1998 and 1999 Summer Youth Program Director (Los Caballeros Sports Club Fountain Valley, CA.)
  • 1999-Present Full Time Certified Personal Trainer
  • 1998-2001 Kinesiology Major San Diego State University SDSU
  • 1999 Men’s Crew Team Coxswain leading SDSU to their ONLY trip to Nationals
  • 1999 Certified NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Trainer
  • 2001 Began Training Muay Thai and Kickboxing
  • 2002 Began teaching KICKBOXING
  • 2003 1st MUAY THAI Fight Tropicana Hotel and Casino Las Vegas
  • 2003-2004 Fought on Prestigious Team Menor for Muay Thai World Champ Melchor Menor
  • 2007 Featured Fighter on Oxygen Channel Reality Show “FIGHT GIRLS”
  • 2007 Notable Muay Thai win vs. Noelani Carroll IAMTF California Muay Thai Champion
  • 2009 Seminar Assistant to 7X Undefeated Muay Thai World Champ Saekson Janjira
  • 2010 Becoming Stott Pilates Certified.

More About Gina

A shy little girl, Gina began her athletic career with a Gold Medal at the Girl Scout Olympics at the age of 6. As her mother tells it, “after that win, she was shy no-more”. Gina would turn to each person she would meet and say “wanna race”! Competitive suddenly her nature, athletics were a natural progression for Gina and hence the health and fitness lifestyle.

While studying Kinesiology at San Diego State University, Gina was the Coxswain of the SDSU Mens Crew Team and helped lead her team to their first and only trip to Nationals! Shortly after, Gina felt her place was in the real world and became a full time sports and fitness trainer.

A top trainer at gyms like 24 Hr. Fitness and Bally’s, Gina was invited one day to try a kickboxing class at a local San Diego boxing gym. Gina fell instantly in love.

The Kickboxing class was one of the best workouts Gina had ever had and as much fun as the Girl Scout Olympics were so many years back. She began training immediately and within a year Gina had her first fight! Shortly after, she was asked to manage the boxing gym she trained at and next thing you knew, Gina was all Muay Thai!

During her recent pregnancy, Gina continued training Muay Thai and Boxing until birth. Her kickboxing at that point was purely for fitness due to her pregnancy.

During pregnancy, Gina has chosen to become Stott Pilates Certified. She feels as strongly about this particular style of Pilates as she does her Muay Thai and that means she’s going to be an AMAZING Instructor! Take our word for it… Make your appointments NOW!

Gina’s life experience goes far beyond this simple bio, Gina has a natural confidence about her that comes from being raised by a strong mother and having a diversity in life experience. Often times she finds her spare time occupied by men and women at the gym asking advice and discussing their personal life’s smaller and sometimes larger issues. Gina offers her time as a life coach to all her students and friends.

For a Free Consultation or to set up Private Training with Gina feel free to call from 10 am – 5 pm at 858-581-2694 or email her directly at