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San Diego Self Defense Classes

REPUBLIC's Real World Self Defense Program™ is based on real life situations and YOUR ractual ability to react to those situations appropriately!

Using simple self defense techniques utilized by special forces such as The NAVY SEALS, taken from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai Kickboxing, then applying them to typical self defense situations, we provide a learning environment that helps you during a negative encounter! Protect yourself and your loved ones!

Our self-defense classes are held in Pacific Beach California, a hot spot for college students from all around. If you go to SDSU, USD, UCSD or any other local college, give us a call for a free self-defense class now! If you are visiting from out of town, stop by, for $25 we can help prepare you for the San Diego and Pacific Beach scene and keep you out of harms way!


Dave Nielsen

For class and seminar details call 858-274-0874